I had never been coached for an audition before and had been doing very well for myself, but all good things come to an end. For a few months, I’d been coming off a slew of shitty auditions and was feeling downright uninspired. A friend of mine encouraged me to check out Randall Whittinghill’s coaching sessions and so I decided to suck up my pride and give the guy a shot. In the end, it was Randall who gave me a shot—-a shot of life and inspiration. Randall had done more preparation on my audition scene than I had done on my last three films combined. He blew me away with his skill, support and genuine enthusiasm. He really understands actors’ minds. It was the most gently challenged I’d been in a long time. I left his session feeling more prepared and confident than I have ever felt for any audition, ever! I will be turning back to Randall for coaching again and again.
— Mark Webber
Randall Whittinghill is gifted at addressing each actor as an individual and at helping them find themselves in a role. He is adept at breaking down the material, finding the beats, and landing the important moments—all of which are necessary components for a successful audition. I have many success stories of clients landing a job after receiving coaching from Randall. I give him my highest recommendation.
— Kirsten Ames, Kirsten Ames Management
I have known Randall for over a decade now and over the course of this time, I have seen him shapeshift into different artistic forms while always maintaining the highest of standards in his work. When I first met him, I saw one of the most compelling young actors I had encountered as an actor and teacher myself. Randall’s constant search for an authentic and innovative approach to his work is most admirable.
— Marissa Chibas Preston, Former Head of Acting CalArts, Faculty Acting
After carrying on for a long time as a stubborn actress, resisting any and all help with my craft, I turned to Randall who I had known already for many years, and who had left an indelible mark with his depth of knowledge and passion for the craft. Randall’s coaching technique gives me the tools I need to take me through a character, scene, play, film, or television series. He has taught me how to align myself with instinct, motivation and intention, and I’m able to apply these skills to life both inside and outside of the audition room. I’ve been working with him from the beginning of my career—whether from the incarnation of my one person show (for which I garnered a Breakout Award at the Aspen Comedy Festival), to the current ABC television show where I appear as a series regular, I can say without hesitation that my success is a direct result of the coaching I receive from him.
— Eliza Coupe
Randall taught me how to audition. Literally. My career can be described as BEFORE RANDALL and AFTER RANDALL. He called me out on my BS. Mainly, he told me to stop TRYING to be funny. Even beyond that, he helped me find the truth, my truth, he helped me bring my self to each character. THANK YOU RANDALL! I started working with Randall pilot season of 2010 and by April had booked a series regular role. It’s only gotten better since then.
— Frankie Shaw
Randall Whittinghill is an acting coach savior. I love working with him, he opened me up to a whole new acting side of me. He makes you dig deep.
— Tika Sumpter
Randall has an exceptional insight into actors, a deep respect and knowledge of the craft. I welcome his input, and can attest to his effectiveness in saying that his students are consistently some of the top actors in my sessions.
— Blyth Nailing, Casting Director
Randall stands out as an acting coach who’s wisdom and skill is matched by his unequivocal passion for the craft. I’ve always enjoyed our time working together.
— Shane Harper
Randall is by far one of the most personable and smart acting coaches around, as well as an immense pleasure to work with. His compassion for actor and character shows through in every conversation. He’s a rockstar, making you feel as though you can accomplish anything in acting. He builds you up and gives you constructive ways to grow. On top of that, he has taught me healthy ways to manage my business and personal career, giving insights that have helped me set personal boundaries of which I’ve found to be extremely helpful. A friend at the end of the day, Randall is a person I trust and continue to go to for help on my career path.
— Bianca Santos
A deeply intuitive artist and truly moving performer, Randall Whittinghill has the instincts of a renaissance man. Having worked with Randall as the director of our world-renowned PJORK music videos, I found him to be sensitive, grounded, inspired and finely in-tune with an actor’s performance.
— Kim Dickens
Randall is great, he helped me find the specifics in my audition performance that made it come to life.
— Aasif Mandvi
I’ve grown so much from working with Randall. He got me to relax and put any anxiety behind me so we could dig into a character and figure out a way to bring myself to the role, without forcing anything. There’s something about Randall’s vibe that you can’t seem to find with other coaches in L.A. He holds a perfect blend of understanding, compassion, and unique perspective...which makes creating from within so much easier than with anyone else I’ve worked with. I feel safe yet challenged when coaching with him. I would highly recommend Randall to any actor, and i do so (to every actor).
— Angela Trimbur
I was feeling stuck with how to approach my role in a movie I was about to begin when a colleague suggested I try working with Randall Whittinghill who has a reputation of having a passion and fire for coaching that is truly palpable. Everyone I knew who had worked with him was regularly booking jobs due to his “meat and potatoes” style of script and character analysis. After working with him, I can understand why. Randall was able to break things down into one word for me, and in my case, it was “impulses.” We went on to build from there. He helped me get to the essence of what I needed to achieve in order to service my character, and by extension, he helped me better understand the script. He also sent me a good luck poem that reminded him of the project I was working on. He is that attentive and thoughtful and I look forward to working with him again soon.
— Ivana Milicevic